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  • Calm is hovering over the Asian session

    28 Dec 2017 10:47 AM |

    The relative calm continued to dominate market movements during the Asian session, with

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  • Russia seeks to increase foreign currency purchases in 2018

    27 Dec 2017 01:12 PM |

    The Russian Finance Ministry plans to increase foreign exchange purchases in

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  • Oil prices are stabilizing near highest levels since 2015

    27 Dec 2017 10:49 AM |

    Crude oil prices have stabilized near highest levels in almost two and a half years,

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  • China's services trade deficit widens in November

    27 Dec 2017 10:16 AM |

    China's services trade deficit widened to $18.3 billion in November from $17.8

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  • Saudi Arabia expects oil revenues to increase by 80% by 2023

    26 Dec 2017 04:34 PM |

    Saudi Arabia expects oil revenues to jump by about 80% by 2023 to push the

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  • The Brexit deal could be a model for countries that want to join the EU

    26 Dec 2017 03:02 PM |

    The German foreign minister said that the EU's agreement with Britain on future

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  • Abe: Japan's economy has been a priority for the government

    26 Dec 2017 12:02 PM |

    Prime Minister Abe made a number of statements, the most prominent of which are as follows:

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  • Novak: Oil global markets to rebalance in 2018

    22 Dec 2017 12:32 PM |

    The following are the most important statements made by Russian Oil Minister Alexander Novak:

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