• US non-farm sector loses 33K jobs in September

    6 Oct 2017 03:00 PM |

    The data released today showed that US non-farm payrolls lost 33 K jobs in September, against expectations of adding 90K jobs. August data was revised up from 156 to 169K jobs.

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  • ECB is publishing more details about its holding of corporate bonds

    6 Oct 2017 01:41 PM |

    The European Central Bank (ECB) is starting to publish more details about its corporate bond holdings following pressure from European and national policymakers to make purchases more transparent. Data on corporate bond holdings by country, rating and sector will be released today.

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  • BNP sees Abe's chances of winning the election as the biggest

    6 Oct 2017 01:17 PM |

    An early election is due to be held as Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced on October 22, and BNP sees the chances of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party to achieve a comfortable win to remain in power.

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  • Goldman Sachs Outlook for US Jobs report

    6 Oct 2017 12:53 PM |

    Goldman Sachs expects that the economy to add 50,000 jobs in September, unemployment to 4.5%, while average hourly earnings is expected to rise by 0.4% on a monthly basis and 2.7% year over year.

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  • Lagarde: we support policies of BOJ & ECB

    6 Oct 2017 10:30 AM |

    Here are the main points of IMF President Christine Lagarde:

    • The IMF supports the monetary policy of both the ECB and the Bank of Japan.

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  • Russia continues to work with Saudi Arabia on the production reduction agreement

    4 Oct 2017 02:44 PM |

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow would like to continue working with Riyadh on the implementation of the agreement to reduce the world oil production. The remarks came ahead of King Salman's visit to Russia, where the Russian foreign minister praised the cooperation between the two countries in helping to reach an agreement between OPEC and non-OPEC oil producers to cut production until the end of March 2018.

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  • What's new about the New Zealand elections so far?

    2 Oct 2017 01:20 PM |

    Nearly a week after the announcement of the results of New Zealand's parliamentary elections, it seems that it will now start talks on forming a new government this week. The results showed that the ruling National Party, which formed the previous government, had 58 seats, and Labour Alliance with Greens won 52 seats and New Zealand first party won 9 seats.

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  • Hammond: The uncertainty of Brexit is one of the challenges for the British economy

    2 Oct 2017 12:14 PM |

    Philip Hammond, the British finance minister, said:

    • Businesses want to know that there will be a smooth path of Brexit.
    • Any kind of uncertainty will have a bad impact on business confidence.
    • The sooner we clarify the process of Brexit, the quicker the economy will start to grow again.

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