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  • FED Member: The economy has a good momentum in 2019

    15 Jan 2019 10:31 AM |

    US Federal Reserve member Richard Clarida noted that the economy has a good momentum in 2019

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  • PBOC Deputy Governor expresses confidence in the stability of the yuan

    15 Jan 2019 08:51 AM |

    The deputy governor of PBOC expressed confidence in the stability of the yuan exchange rate in the coming period.

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  • China’s premier minister is trying to calm markets on slowing economic growth

    14 Jan 2019 02:35 PM |

    Chinese Premier Le Keg yang commented on the recent negative economic data on state television,

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  • UK trade minister says exit from EU is not national suicide

    14 Jan 2019 11:46 AM |

    UK trade Minister Liam Fox said the UK's exit from the EU was not a national suicide

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  • European stocks fall at the start of the week

    14 Jan 2019 11:10 AM |

    European stocks fall at the start of the week on the decline with the decline of investor sentiment on the background of China's economic data

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  • Nowotny: will be cautious during the decision to raise interest rates

    14 Jan 2019 09:51 AM |

    European Central Bank member Ewald Nowotny said the bank would be cautious in taking a decision to raise the European interest rate

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  • Opinion polls expects European interest rate hike this year

    14 Jan 2019 08:53 AM |

    The latest Reuters survey of nearly 400 companies between Nov. 22 and Jan. 7 showed that two out of three German companies

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  • Australian retail sales rebounded at the fastest pace since April 2018

    11 Jan 2019 01:39 PM |

    Retail sales in Australia rebounded last November, marking the fastest monthly growth since April 2018.

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