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  • Premier Li: China needs to policies that boost economy

    21 Nov 2019 11:24 AM |

    China needs to make better use of its various political tools to boost the economy as growth slows near its lowest level in three decades

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  • Goldman Sachs expects global slowdown to end soon

    21 Nov 2019 10:13 AM |

    Goldman Sachs said it expects a slowdown in global growth to end soon in response to financial conditions

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  • ECB member: Not satisfied about current inflation growth

    20 Nov 2019 09:06 AM |

    ECB member and chief economist Lin noted that the bank is not satisfied with the current pace of inflation growth

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  • BOJ Governor Kuroda: may cut interest rates again

    19 Nov 2019 10:29 AM |

    BOJ Governor Kuroda testified before the parliament that the Japanese economy is expanding at a moderate pace

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  • Highlights of the RBA meeting minutes

    19 Nov 2019 09:46 AM |

    RBA meeting minutes released this morning to provide a clearer picture of the direction of the coming period

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  • Moody's says global economy will remain fragile in 2020

    19 Nov 2019 09:24 AM |

    Moody's indicated that the global economy will remain fragile in 2020

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  • Gold rises on weak data from China

    14 Nov 2019 01:21 PM |

    Gold prices rose on Thursday as Asian stocks fell after weaker than expected economic data from China

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  • Germany economy survives from recession in third quarter

    14 Nov 2019 12:39 PM |

    Preliminary data showed on Thursday that the German economy survived a recession in the third quarter

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