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  • Oil falls on weak data from Chinese companies

    28 Oct 2019 01:02 PM |

    Oil prices fell on Monday after strong gains made last week, as data published in China

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  • EU agrees to delay Brexit until January 31

    28 Oct 2019 12:48 PM |

    Members of the European Union agreed on Monday to postpone Britain's

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  • European stocks fall on Brexit tensions

    25 Oct 2019 10:36 AM |

    European stocks fell on Friday, as the impact of tensions over Britain's secession from the European Union

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  • Germany consumer sentiment is expected to fall its lowest level in 3 years

    25 Oct 2019 09:49 AM |

    German consumer sentiment fell to its lowest level in three years as November approached

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  • Dollar falls, Sterling and Euro rise

    21 Oct 2019 03:23 PM |

    The dollar is crawling towards its worst month since January 2018 on Monday

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  • UK government bond yields rise as risk of Brexit decrease

    21 Oct 2019 12:36 PM |

    UK government bond yields rose on Monday on lower risks of Brexit

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  • Confidence returns to market after Trump delay tariff hike on China

    12 Sep 2019 11:03 AM |

    US President Donald Trump announced to delay tariffs on China from October 1 for two weeks to October 15

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  • BOE governor: Downside risks facing the economy have increased

    11 Sep 2019 09:35 AM |

    Bank of England Governor Mark Carney noted that the downside risks facing the British economy lately

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