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  • Abe seeks more stability for his government through a cabinet reshuffle this week

    10 Sep 2019 03:23 PM |

    Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is preparing for a cabinet reshuffle on Wednesday and is likely to keep his allies in key positions as he prepares to raise taxes

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  • Johnson insists on his opinion and rejects to delay Brexit

    10 Sep 2019 01:03 PM |

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rejected a request to extend the Brexit, hours after a law demanding a delay of Britain's departure

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  • Yen falls to its lowest level in 5 weeks and the euro is stable

    10 Sep 2019 12:14 PM |

    The yen hit a five-week low against the US dollar on Tuesday as government bond yields recovered,

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  • UK wages growth remains strong and unemployment declined

    10 Sep 2019 11:52 AM |

    Wage growth in the UK remains strong, accelerating at the fastest pace since mid-2008, as the wage rate excluding bonuses for the May-July period rose to 4%, up from 3.8% in the three months to June.

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  • US labour market adds jobs by 130k

    6 Sep 2019 03:11 PM |

    The recent data shows that NFP rises by 130k in August lower than expected by 163k

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  • Gold fell after investors back to high risk assets

    6 Sep 2019 10:57 AM |

    Gold prices remained under pressure on Friday, as strong US data encouraged investors to return to riskier assets

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  • European stocks rise as investors focus on US jobs data

    6 Sep 2019 10:17 AM |

    European stocks opened steady on Friday after gaining two sessions, as the impact of positive indicators released this week

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  • Italy bonds yield for 10 years records new low levels

    28 Aug 2019 02:51 PM |

    Italian bonds yield for 10 years fell to its lowest level under 1%

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