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  • Nikkei is down on weak Asian stocks and sales at the end of the year

    26 Feb 2019 09:40 AM |

    Japan's Nikkei closed slightly lower Tuesday after hitting its highest level since mid December

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  • UK plans to drop EU tariffs on some goods after the exit

    26 Feb 2019 09:05 AM |

    UK will drop high tariffs on a number of commodities, including sweet corn imported from Thailand

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  • BOJ Governor: monitoring impact of raising the sales tax on the economy

    26 Feb 2019 08:19 AM |

    BOJ Governor Kuroda said Tuesday that the Chinese economy is suffering from significant slowdown

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  • Oil exports in Iraq records 3.565 million barrels during February

    25 Feb 2019 01:06 PM |

    Iraq's crude oil exports from southern ports on the Gulf have reached about 3.565 million bpd since the beginning of February

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  • European stocks hit their highest levels since early October

    25 Feb 2019 11:41 AM |

    European stocks rose to their highest level since early October with support from US President Donald Trump's decision

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  • Fed member: will keep the current rates until ensure that inflation continues to grow

    25 Feb 2019 09:22 AM |

    US Federal Reserve member Bullard said that current interest rates are likely to remain unchanged until the inflation growth is sustained and the economic performance is seen

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  • EU could reach a trade deal with Trump on customs goods this year

    22 Feb 2019 12:41 PM |

    European Union Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said a deal could be reached before the end of the year

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  • Stock markets in Europe is stable during the day

    22 Feb 2019 12:24 PM |

    Europe's main stock markets settled on Friday, but the results of companies including Swedish Elica, Swiss Sika and France's Supra

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