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  • Daily Wrap Up 25 July 2022

    25 Jul 2022 05:02 PM |

    Equity markets are experiencing low volatility today as traders look ahead to the Federal Reserve’s meeting on Wednesday, interest rate futures are factoring in a high probability of a 75-basis points hike.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 22 July 2022

    22 Jul 2022 05:20 PM |

    The euro continues to see high levels of volatility more than 24 hours after the European Central Bank hiked interest rates by 50 basis points.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 21 July 2022

    21 Jul 2022 05:04 PM |

    The European Central Bank caught some by surprise as it lifted interest rates by 0.5% as the bank previously hinted about a 0.25% lift.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 20 July 2022

    20 Jul 2022 05:18 PM |

    The IMF lowered its growth forecast for the global economy from 2% to 1.2%, in addition to that it also downgraded next year’s outlook to 0.8% from 2.1%.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 19 July 2022

    19 Jul 2022 04:53 PM |

    Stock markets are enjoying a rally as traders have shrugged off concerns there might be an energy shortage in Europe.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 18 July 2022

    18 Jul 2022 04:47 PM |

    Stocks markets are pushing higher this afternoon as traders believe the Federal Reserve might not be as hawkish as previously predicted.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 15 July 2022

    15 Jul 2022 04:57 PM |

    The fall in government bond yields has paved the way for a rally in stocks. Lately there has been a strong inverse relationship between yields and equities and that is playing out today.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 14 July 2022

    14 Jul 2022 04:58 PM |

    Worries about inflation are gathering pace as the US producer price index (PPI) rate jumped to 11.3%, close to its record high.

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