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Market Wrap up

  • US dollar settles near its highs with unrevised data

    28 Nov 2018 04:56 PM |

    The US dollar traded in a narrow range during the day near the two-week high at 97.40 levels, and continued to rise for the fourth day

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  • The difficulty of getting enough support for Brexit weighs heavily on sterling

    27 Nov 2018 05:09 PM |

    The British Pound fell significantly today following comments by US President Donald Trump that the Brexit could affect trade relations

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  • Do we see the beginning of the end of the trade war this week?

    26 Nov 2018 03:40 PM |

    Markets were on weekend and specifically on Sunday in anticipation for the results of the EU summit, which resulted in the ratification

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  • Euro between Brexit hammer and the Italian budget anvil

    23 Nov 2018 04:15 PM |

    The euro fell sharply today, reaching its lowest level since November 16 at 1.1337, amid concerns over slowing economic

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  • Brexit declaration supports sterling strongly

    22 Nov 2018 04:58 PM |

    The Pound rose strongly during the day following the announcement of an agreement on Brexit. The pound hit a one-week

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  • Oil fall to its lowest level in more than a year and Trump praises Saudi Arabia's role

    21 Nov 2018 05:25 PM |

    Oil prices fell sharply yesterday after an unexpected drop in US oil inventories, easing concern about oversupply at the moment

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  • The dollar rebounds from a 10-days low

    20 Nov 2018 05:09 PM |

    The US dollar rose today against a basket of currencies from from its lowest level since November 7 after the rebound

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  • Will the USD see further decline this week?

    19 Nov 2018 01:22 AM |

    The US dollar fell last week from a 17-month high of 97.70, with a few important economic data in the US this week, and

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