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Technical Views

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average: The index will attempt to rise today unless support breaks

    14 Aug 2018 03:35 PM |

    The 25100.00 level remained flat against yesterday's attempts, which created a price base that may be the reason for the rise.

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  • USD/JPY: The pair may have returned to the upside

    14 Aug 2018 03:29 PM |

    USD/JPY pair has rallied, and this rally could rise further, but trading above 111.15 is necessary to prove the extension of the bullish intraday direction.

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  • GBPUSD: We may see some temporary upside, and then come back down again

    14 Aug 2018 03:26 PM |

    GBPUSD is attempting to rally against the USD, with some positive signs on the technical indicators, which may actually cause some price rally

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  • EUR/USD Technical Analysis: A Chance of a Bullish Rate of Exchange Rate Today

    14 Aug 2018 03:24 PM |

    EUR/USD was only able to reach levels around 1.1360 support before rebounding, and the rebound took it to trade above 1.1400 again

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  • US oil Technical Analysis: Support protects the price from falling and pushing it to the upside

    14 Aug 2018 03:21 PM |

    US oil rises yesterday after touching the levels around the support of 65.90, and rebounded up and significantly

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  • Silver Technical Analysis: An increase in negative technical conditions may cause further decline in the price

    14 Aug 2018 03:18 PM |

    Silver fell to levels below the previous low of 15.61 and trading below it was established, and the sub-support broke 15.27 yesterday

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  • Gold Technical Analysis: Gold falls below $1200 an ounce

    14 Aug 2018 03:17 PM |

    Gold dropped to levels below $1200.00, thus breaching a level of psychological and technical support around that level

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