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CFD Trading Costs

When it comes to CFD trading we adhere to our philosophy of not demanding unnecessary fees from customers. Read on to find out more about this approach to CFD costs.

CFD Commission Charges

With us, CFD trading on bonds, commodities, indices and currencies is commission free. However, when you trade share CFDs you are subject to a commission, which is based on the trade’s overall value. This cost varies by market and full details can be found on our trading platform.

CFD Spread

For CFD trades in all our markets, we quote a bid price at which you can sell and an offer price at which you can buy. This difference between prices is known as the CFD spread and is, for all intents and purposes, the cost of your trade. So, while CFD trades on indices, bonds, commodities and currencies are free of commission, they do incur a wider spread than certain other forms of trading. This means that they could take longer to move into profitability. CFD trading with a tighter spread, on the other hand, will allow for quicker trades and therefore has the potential to move into profitability sooner.

Contracts for Difference on Commodities

As you will see from the table below, we offer contracts for difference on a range of commodities. These include natural gas (NGAS), high quality brass (COPPER), Brent crude oil (UKOIL) and WTI crude oil (USOIL). For these you will find the margin percentage and other crucial trading information which will allow you to easily work out a CFD cost.

Also included is a table containing the expiry dates of contracts for difference. This gives the month of maturity, along with other vital information which can be used to ensure that you make the most of the market.

Equity Index Contracts

When you choose to view our table of equity index contracts, you will see the broad range of markets we offer in this style. These include the Australia 200 Index (AU200) and the Spain 35 Index (ES35), along with indexes such as the United States Wall Street Index (US30) and United Kingdom 100 Index (UK100). As these are based all over the world, they allow for CFD trading at almost any time.

CFD Cost Queries

If you need to know anything more about CFD trading costs, it is worth contacting us by phone or email. Our experts will be on hand to answer any queries.