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How to Trade Gold and Metals

There are now more ways than ever to trade gold and other metals. In the past, to trade metals you needed to physically buy and sell each one, which involved a lot of risk as well as needing space to store it. It is now possible to speculate and trade on the price of precious metals without having to own the commodity.

At Equiti you can trade gold and other precious metals in exchange for the US dollar, the same way as forex trading. Check out our precious metals price chart to get started and learn how to trade gold below.

Understand What Impacts Gold Price

It is important you know the different factors that affect the price of gold and other metals, to make sure you are trading at the best time. During times of economic uncertainty, gold especially is considered a safe haven by many investors and can see its value greatly increase.

Supply and demand also affects gold and other metals’ value. When mining production is low it can increase in price, also when demand for use in industrial applications such as electronics and engineering grows. Interest rates, a weak US dollar and other factors can have an impact too.

Choose How to Trade Gold

There are various ways to trade gold. The traditional method of physically owning the precious metal by buying bullion and coins can be expensive and means you physically have ownership of it. You can trade metals including gold with futures and options, as well as exchange-traded funds (ETFs), similar to trading a stock.

In most cases, and often the easiest option, you can trade gold in the same way as forex. Here you trade gold and metals through buying and selling, depending on whether you think the price of the precious metal will rise or fall. At Equiti when you trade metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium, the value of the precious metal is set against the US dollar, so they are traded as currency pairs as with regular forex trading.

Trade Gold and Metals with Equiti

Open an account with Equiti to trade gold and other precious metals, whether you are a new investor or experienced and looking to diversify an existing portfolio. Try a free demo to trade metals risk-free first or to test out new strategies.