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  • Oil prices fell amid concerns about slowing growth in China's economy

    14 Dec 2018 12:06 PM |

    Oil prices fell on Friday amid concerns about slowing growth in China's economy, as investors headed for a profit of more than 2%

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  • Germany manufacturing sector is at its slowest pace in 33 months

    14 Dec 2018 11:51 AM |

    Germany manufacturing PMI fell to a 33-month low in December from 53.3 to 51.5.

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  • Bundesbank cuts its economic growth forecast

    14 Dec 2018 10:38 AM |

    Bundesbank reduced its GDP growth forecast for 2018 and 2019, reducing its GDP growth forecast for 2018 from 2.0% to 1.5%.

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  • China's economic growth slows as retail sales falling

    14 Dec 2018 10:03 AM |

    Investment in China's fixed assets rebounded last November despite a weakness that dominated most of the economic data

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  • China's Statistics Bureau: The economy is stable and making progress

    14 Dec 2018 08:29 AM |

    China's statistics office said the economy is stabile and making significant progress. There were conflicting comments

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  • Gold is stable amid limited movements

    13 Dec 2018 03:01 PM |

    Gold was little changed on Thursday as the dollar stabilized and stocks rallied on signs of easing trade

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  • Japanese stocks hit a one-week high on hopes of trade

    13 Dec 2018 02:50 PM |

    Japanese stocks touched their highest level in a week on Thursday as sentiment was boosted by signs of a decline in China-US trade tensions

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