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  • Euro zone inflation comes in line with expectations

    17 Aug 2018 12:02 PM |

    The Eurozone's annual inflation rate rose by 2.1% in July, confirming its stability above the European Central Bank's target, the European

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  • Euro zone current account surplus unchanged

    17 Aug 2018 11:28 AM |

    The current account surplus in the euro zone remained unchanged at 24 billion euros in June, with goods and services surpluses

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  • Japan's exports growth slowed in July

    16 Aug 2018 04:49 PM |

    Japan's export growth slowed more-than-expected in July as shipments to the United States fell for the second month in a row

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  • China and the United States to hold talks in August

    16 Aug 2018 02:59 PM |

    China today announced that it will hold a new round of talks on trade with the United States in Washington later this month

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  • UK retail sales grew at a faster pace in July

    16 Aug 2018 02:13 PM |

    Retail sales in the UK rose by 0.7% in July and by 3.5% on yearly basis, better than market expectations

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  • Eurozone trade surplus fell in June

    16 Aug 2018 01:17 PM |

    The data from the European Bureau of Statistics showed that the Euro zone's surplus of commodities traded with the rest of the world

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  • Chances to reach a Brexit deal is now 50-50

    15 Aug 2018 01:25 PM |

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